Mar 7, 2016

Brave in a New World

Brave in a New World Book Cover Brave in a New World
Yvonne Broady

Yvonne Broady is an emerging author whose first novel ‘Brave in a New World’, offers readers a window into her very personal story.

Broady shares her journey through the grief process after the loss of her husband, Clarence, in January 2009. While Clarence’s anguish and pain were over, Broady’s was only just beginning.

‘Brave in a New World’ serves as a guide and a source of inspiration and hope for others who are grieving the loss of a spouse. Broady beautifully helps readers to see that there can be a life filled with promise, reassurance and hope in the wake of personal loss.

Sep 24, 2015

Happily Even After

Happily Even After Book Cover Happily Even After
Carole Brody Fleet

A guide to getting through the grief of widowhood

Award-winning author and grief recovery expert, Carole Brody Fleet follows up the critically acclaimed: "Widows Wear Stilettos" with the aptly-titled, Happily Even After, the first and only book of its kind; answering the most common questions that the widowed generally have both immediately following a spouse's death as well as months and even years thereafter. These questions are excerpted from thousands of actual letters received by the author and the responses are from the author's own perspective; based upon considerable personal and professional experience and insight.

Since the questions featured are the more commonly asked questions by those who are themselves widowed, readers will likely find answers to most of the questions that they have concerning widowhood; dealing with everything from child rearing as a widowed parent to coping with relatives who fancy themselves financial wizards, to the "rules of intimacy"...and a wide-ranging variety of subjects in between. In her warm, witty and wise tone, Carole walks widows through the shock and overwhelming sadness and back into the land of the living. Whether you are a young woman in the early years of a marriage, a Golden Anniversary celebrant or a "widow of the heart" who lost a signifigant other with no legal claims, Fleet will hold your hand and offer you practical tools for any problem you may face. Most importantly, Happily EVEN After will help you reclaim YOU.

Sep 24, 2015

Tips From Widows

Tips From Widows Book Cover Tips From Widows
Jan Robinson

When Jan Robinson's husband died suddenly and unexpectedly, she had the idea of asking any other widows, whenever and wherever she met them, for two tips about how to deal with widowhood – anything that came to mind, whether it was what to do or what not to do, however seemingly unimportant. That is how Tips from Widows started.

Grief is an unmanageable emotion and the form it takes is unique to every woman whose husband or partner has died. There are no set rules about coping with loss. Some people struggle with it for years and maybe never get over it. Others manage to move on. This book makes no claim to be an authority on how to cope as a widow, nor does it set out to offer a thorough analysis of widowhood. It is, quite simply, tips from widows. You may be alone in your boat on the ocean, but Tips from Widows will help you to recognise that other boats are out there too.

Sep 21, 2015

Dating Guide For Widowers

The Ultimate Dating Guide For Widowers Book Cover The Ultimate Dating Guide For Widowers
Abel Keogh

Men and women grieve differently. Though both feel the pain and sorrow that come with losing a spouse, widowers start dating much sooner than widows—usually within the first year of their wife's passing. While there's nothing wrong with dating again that quickly, widowers often get into relationships before they're emotionally ready to take that step. That causes problems for them and the women they're with.

That's where The Ultimate Dating Guide for Widowers comes in. Drawing on the success stories and learning experiences of Joe Biden, Thomas Edison, Peirce Brosnan, and Paul McCartney, this book specifically addresses questions, concerns, and needs of widowers.

Sep 21, 2015

Marrying A Widower

Marrying A Widower Book Cover Marrying A Widower
Abel Keogh

Drawing on a decade of experience as a remarried widower, Abel Keogh gives you unique insight into what it takes to make any long-term relationship with a widower successful, including: How to make sure your marriage is new, exciting, and fresh instead of a rehash of the widower's previous relationship. Suggestions and tips for making sure both of you can talk about the late wife, his grief, and any other widower-related issues. What role, if any, the late wife's family should play in your relationship. How to make the home feel like yours instead of theirs. A dozen real-life stories from women who are engaged or married to a widower.

Sep 21, 2015

Life With A Widower

Life With A Widower Book Cover Life With A Widower
Abel Keogh

Overcoming unique challenges

If you're dating or married to a widower, you've encountered relationship issues that other couples just don’t have to deal with. Whether it’s the comments on his late wife’s Facebook page or the tattoo commemorating the love of his life, there are some situations that are unique to widower relationships.

That’s where Life with a Widower comes in. Drawing on over a decade of experience helping women in relationships with widowers, Abel Keogh tackles the most common, day-to-day widower relationship challenges so you can gracefully navigate and overcome them.

Sep 21, 2015

How To Find Renewal After Loss

Suddenly Single: How To Find Renewal After Loss Book Cover Suddenly Single: How To Find Renewal After Loss
Ellen Gerst

"Suddenly Single" moves the reader from utter confusion to clarity and provides a clear path to renewal. The book covers the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of moving through loss and provides alternative ways to look at difficult issues. Gerst asks the reader to consider that if every event in life is neutral, it is the individual who gives the event an emotional connotation. Consequently, a loss may be looked upon as both a burden and a blessing. After reading and digesting the information provided in "Suddenly Single", the reader should be able to see both sides of the coin, which will enable him/her to use his/her loss as a springboard into renewal.

Sep 21, 2015

A Widow’s Awakening

A Widow's Awakening Book Cover A Widow's Awakening
Maryanne Pope

Eight years in the making, 'A Widow's Awakening' is an extraordinary story of soul mates, saints and saviours. When a woman suddenly finds herself a young widow after the on-duty death of her police officer husband, she is catapulted into a tumultuous emotional, psychological and spiritual journey through the grieving process.

Based on actual events, 'A Widow's Awakening' is both heart-wrenching and humorous. Told in the style of creative non-fiction the book is a gripping read that effectively demonstrates the extremely difficult process of accepting the unacceptable, while learning to transform tragedy into positive change.

'A Widow's Awakening' strikes a chord with general readers who love a well-written and engaging story. The number one feedback from readers is: "I could not put the book down. Literally." The book also resonates deeply with readers who are coming to terms with their own loss and are seeking a candid resource about the harsh realities of grief.


Sep 21, 2015

A Story Of Love and Loss

Why Not Me? A Story Of Love and Loss Book Cover Why Not Me? A Story Of Love and Loss
Barbara Want

This haunting memoir of grief recounts the death from cancer of Nick Clarke, much-loved BBC radio presenter of THE WORLD AT ONE - and the aftermath - from his widow Barbara's point of view. With painful honesty, Barbara lays open her ambivalent feelings about the illness as it progressed, and her instinctive fear that this would be the end. As he got sicker, her fear grew, until he died an unfeasibly short time after his diagnosis.

Barbara chronicles in unflinching prose her life after his death. A howl of anguish and anger, she describes how many of her friends and colleagues don't call, and don't offer support - how alone she is, and how she struggles to explain the unexplainable to her young twin sons. She has a breakdown, and a short-lived relationship (met with condemnation from some of her friends), but knows the process of dealing with her grief is barely beginning.

A ruthlessly honest dissection of a widow's pain, this book is also a love story - an uncomfortably raw, utterly compelling memoir which ends without resolution; its author still fighting to come to terms with the hand life has dealt her.

Sep 21, 2015

Saturday Night Widows

Saturday Night Widows Book Cover Saturday Night Widows
Becky Aikman

The adventures of six friends

In this transcendent and infectiously wise memoir, Becky Aikman—a widow, too young, too modern to accept the role—forms an unlikely group with five other young widows, each seeking a way forward in a strange and disquieting world. A warm, witty, and compassionate guide on this journey, Aikman explores surprising new discoveries about how people are transformed by adversity, learning the value of new experiences, humor, and friendship. The Saturday Night Widows band together to bring these ideas to life, striking out on ever more far-flung adventures and navigating the universal perils of finding love and meaning.


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