How to Date a Widower


How to Date a Recent Widower

The thought of dating a recent widower can be challenging. In fact the idea of a first date with anyone can be challenging. But when someone has been recently bereaved there are certain reassurances you will need before you step into a relationship. Knowing how to date a widower and understanding the best course of action is key.

A widower who is seeking friendship soon after losing a life-partner could be lonely. He may not know how to cope with his own company. Someone without a family, or a circle of friends looking out for him, could make for a compromising situation. Putting too much store on a romantic relationship with someone who is not ready could have a disappointing outcome.

Applying a degree of sensitivity when dating a widower is a worthwhile approach and, hopefully, will help you to establish an appropriate pace on which to move forward.

If you’re planning on dating a widower, and you’re not familiar with his background, it is important you establish whether or not he has come to terms with his loss. Taking things slowly at the start of any new relationship is important. Meeting during the daytime or early evening for the first few dates will give you the opportunity to get to know each other, without making too much of a commitment. This will help you to see how the friendship is progressing. It will also show whether he is over the grief that would have followed his wife’s death.

If he seems genuinely interested in you but seems to be holding back a little, it could be that he is asking himself if he is, indeed, ready for another relationship. By offering a platonic lifeline, this could help a recent widower to come to terms with his loss. It will also highlight the possibility of greater things further down the line for both of you.

Learning to Understand His Heart

One of the most challenging areas of dating a widowed man is ensuring he is not in any way comparing you to his deceased wife; or your relationship to the one he had before. This is, after all, an opportunity for both of you to build a unique friendship based on your shared experiences.

Discovering any mutual interests you may have is a good way to establish a lasting rapport. Whether it is a sport or something of a more cerebral nature, sharing some common ground will offer plenty of scope to get to know each other. Visiting an art gallery or taking a walk in the country, are just two ideas that could invite some interesting conversation and shared values. By creating conditions for the recent widower to feel comfortable, he is more likely to want to open up about his current feelings. Any apprehensions he may have, could also come to the surface during a conversation of this nature.

If he suggests introducing you to friends, this is a sure sign he is comfortable sharing this aspect of his life with you. It is also a good way for you to see how he interacts with them– and how they view him. This will hopefully give you a greater picture of the person you are dating.

If he has been in the habit of mentioning his wife, you will notice if he seems to be doing this to a lesser degree and sense a more relaxed attitude towards you.

Eventually, it is hoped that dating a recent widower will offer a worthwhile friendship that can develop over time. If this is the case, it will be because you have grown to understand each other in a deeper sense. Hopefully, romance will follow and your relationship will have a firm foundation on which to flourish.

A Widow’s Guide To Finding Happiness This Fall

With summer ending and the prospect of winter edging into the frame, it’s easy to hit a low spot. However, in between summer and winter comes The Fall.

As the autumn can bring with it feelings of nostalgia, and the foreboding of winter, it is also a time to enjoy the bounty of the most fruitful time of the year. With a veritable feast of good things to eat, and a dazzling display of nature at its’ very best, there is much to enjoy before the winter sets in.

October can still bring sunny and warm days and it’s hard to imagine the chilly evenings and long cold nights, which could soon be upon us. Use this time to prepare for any harsh winter elements and look forward to enjoying the next few weeks while there is still much to offer.

If you’re feeling lonely and missing your late partner this could be a good time to ask yourself if you’re ready to think about dating again.

Should you feel dating again would be preferable to winter nights home alone, consider your options and think about what you can do to find a certain someone you might want to connect with.

If there is someone you know who is also widowed and with whom you have only ever shared a platonic friendship, perhaps they would be pleased if you invited them to go on a walk, or invited them to share a meal. You could keep it fairly loose and see what happens.

If all goes well you could plan a thanksgiving dinner together. It doesn’t have to be exactly on Thanksgiving Day, but around that time. Planning supper could be part of the event with each of you choosing your favourite foods. There is nothing like pumpkin pie, and at this time of year it should be enjoyed with family and friends – new or otherwise.

Going for walks and enjoying the transient changes to the foliage, catching the scent of pine nuts and vine fruits, and kicking up the fallen leaves, are all elements that contribute to the joys of this wonderful season. The autumnal sound of a forest is nature’s own orchestra, and the best place to spend an afternoon, especially if you are with someone you care about.

If making new friends seems an illusive concept, especially if you have enjoyed many happy years with your partner, don’t give up.  Holding the idea in your mind that you would like to meet someone new, the greater the chance that it will happen. Self-belief and keeping an open mind are very important!

If you’re comfortable being single at this time, that is also fine. Lasting memories of a happy relationship with your partner are a valuable commodity and for some, all that is needed to keep you content.

However you’re feeling, make the most of the fall and treasure all that this rich and colourful season has to offer.