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Coming to Terms With Being a Widower

Losing a life partner is particularly hard because you have most likely lost a partnership borne of both friendship and romance. The love you shared would have reflected on your relationship and brought you together throughout good times and bad.

Beginning a New Chapter as a Widow or Widower

In our interview with, we talked about our extensive Dating Advice section. Here, we offer answers to questions that are typically asked by widows and widowers as they venture back into the world of dating and beyond.

Coming to Terms With Being a Widow

If your partner dies, this is not something you’re likely to come to terms with quickly. Confronting grief when you lose a partner is a unique experience, and no one can tell you how to deal with it. 

Acknowledging International Widows Day

June 23rd is International Widows Day, a day which seeks to raise awareness of the plight of the estimated 258 million widows throughout the world, almost one in ten of whom live in extreme poverty and deprivation.

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How to Deal With Grief

Coming to terms with the heartache of losing someone you love and facing up to the future, is something that can only happen when you’re completely ready.

Five Steps to Creating Your Perfect Dating Profile

As we find ourselves spending more time than usual at home, we may be considering the possibility of online dating. This could be the perfect opportunity to create a dating profile that puts us in touch with others who are also finding themselves with extra time on their hands and missing the company of colleagues, friends and family.

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Getting Through the Holiday Season

If you are recently bereaved and this is the first Christmas without your partner, you will probably find the days ahead difficult to negotiate. The planning and events involved during the lead up to the holiday season will be a reminder of when you used to share this time with your partner.