Benefits of Life Coaching Following the Bereavement of a Partner

Life coach and her client talking through some goals

Life coaching following bereavement

Life coaching is a relationship between coach and client designed to discover and tap into one’s full potential. Life Coaches help to inspire and motivate clients to develop a plan that leads to a more productive, happier and fulfilled life.

If you’re widowed, like me, you understand the whirlwind of emotions and confusion that happens when you lose a spouse. Whether sudden or expected the loss of your spouse dramatically changes the dynamics of your daily life and dreams for your future. Grief is a process that typically takes years to navigate through. Often it’s difficult to find someone close to you who understands your pain. You tend to be alone in your grief unless you’re lucky enough to find a support group or someone who understands to help you through these times.

For me, the “fog” I experienced, the first 2 years of being widowed, made me feel like everything was all just a bad dream. I couldn’t think straight or concentrate. I was living as if on a cloud looking down over my life. My only motivation to get up every morning was to take care of my 2 kids who were 14 and 15 at the time. All my focus was on them. I was determined to make sure they were ok through all this craziness of losing their dad.

Life goes on no matter how we choose to deal with loss. Days and weeks go by, even years before we realize how much time has passed. Identity confusion happens. Relationships with friends and family may change. Feeling “stuck” or paralyzed in life is not uncommon. Who am I? Where do I go from here? How do I move ahead? How do I financially take care of myself and my family? Do I want to date again? These and so many other feelings and thoughts are understandable reactions to loss of a spouse.

Working with a life coach

This is where a Life Coach can prove to be so beneficial. In simple terms, where counselors dig into your past and help you navigate through emotions and situations from your past, life coaches work with you into your future. They help you discover your passions and God-given gifts. Through powerful questioning, intense listening and useful tools they help you discover your personal values and help you to dream new dreams. They become your accountability partner as you, together, set small attainable goals in order to achieve bigger ones. They help you create a path to a more fulfilling life!

If you’re at a place where you’re ready to discover your dreams and move forward to a life you love again or for the first time, look into finding yourself a life coach. You deserve to live again. The pain of loss will never completely go away but your life continues to move on. How would it feel to get up in the morning each day and feel alive and excited for each day ahead of you? It’s possible. Don’t waste another day. Do this for you!

You typically don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home, comfy clothes and slippers to chat with a life coach. Most coaches are able to coach you via live video chat or phone call.


US-based life coach Karen Rohner uses her own experience of widowhood to help empower others who are seeking to transform their lives following the loss of a partner.

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