‘When Bad Things Happen to Good Women’ by Carole Brody Fleet

Book Cover: 'When Bad Things Happen to Good Women' by Carole Brody Fleet

When Bad Things Happen to Good Women is a survivor's toolkit by a leading expert in surviving tragedy and thriving afterward. Carole Brody Fleet's latest book is comprised of a chorus of voices of women who overcame incredible adversity and challenge of all manner. Filled with moving stories and specific steps on how to move forward after tragedy or challenge, these words of hard-won wisdom and advice are an important component in dealing with trauma. In addition to helping those in need, the book also includes vital advice and direction for anyone who knows or is in the position of supporting a family member, friend or loved going through a crisis.

Real-life stories and practical advice on life-altering topics are shared by women from all walks of life. New York Times best-selling author and CBS News contributor Lee Woodruff tells the story of how her husband Bob Woodruff (ABC News correspondent) nearly died as the result of a roadside bombing in Iraq. Fashion designer, celebrity stylist and icon Lisa Kline shares the heartbreaking story of losing her husband to an accident.  Kristen Moeller of Tiny House Nationon A&E describes the devastating wildfire that destroyed her home and how she overcame losing literally everything. A bride-to-be shares the wedding day that became a memorial for her groom when he died in an automobile accident on his way to the wedding. No matter the trauma or challenge situation and in her inimitable style beloved by millions, Carole Brody Fleet ensures that readers are well-equipped with the tools and techniques to thrive after any tragedy -- with a hopeful heart and peaceful mind intact.

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