‘The Irreverent Widow’ by Sandi Amorello

Book Cover: 'The Irreverent Widow' by Sandi Amorello

Sandi Amorello has been a widow since 2002, the mother of three children since 1998...and a Girl Scout Dropout since 1971. Losing her husband Drew to pancreatic cancer propelled her headfirst on a journey into grief, single parenting, and perhaps most tragic of all...midlife courtship. With humor, irreverence, and an unquenchable life force, Sandi unapologetically shares the truths she learns about grief, single parenting, dating, and sex after 40.

The Irreverent Widow is a laugh-till-you-cry, cry-till-you-laugh memoir, filled with Sandi’s tales of loss, love, lust, death, devastation, desperation, frustration, tears, romance, adventure, laughter, heartache, probable insanity... and a few fleeting moments of what she thinks may be some brand of possible enlightenment. So ditch the depressing self-help books! If your life hasn’t gone quite as you’ve planned and you’re in need of a fresh perspective, a touch of inspiration, some hard-earned wisdom, and a smile––this may be the book of your dreams.

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