‘Suddenly Single’ by Ellen Gerst

Book Cover: 'Suddenly Single' by Ellen Gerst

Death is the great equalizer. Be you rich or poor; savvy or naive; any religion; or any race, there is not a family that goes untouched by death or some other type of loss and the subsequent grief that follows. After the death of a loved one, or the loss of a partner from divorce, a person is usually vulnerable and, consequently, open to considering new thoughts and ideas, as well as connecting with those he/she would not have previously come in contact. It is upon this great cross-section of new ideas, people and opportunities that a foundation for a new life may be built. I call it the "Do-Over."

"Suddenly Single" moves the reader from utter confusion to clarity and provides a clear path to renewal. The book covers the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of moving through loss and provides alternative ways to look at difficult issues. Gerst asks the reader to consider that if every event in life is neutral, it is the individual who gives the event an emotional connotation. Consequently, a loss may be looked upon as both a burden and a blessing. After reading and digesting the information provided in "Suddenly Single", the reader should be able to see both sides of the coin, which will enable him/her to use his/her loss as a springboard into renewal.

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