‘The Group’ by Donald L. Rosenstein & Justin M. Yopp

the group book cover

Loss and grief are universal human experiences that cause profound suffering. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of current research on bereavement and ways to promote healthy coping. The Group: Seven Widowed Fathers and Adaptation to Tragic Loss tackles this problem head-on. By chronicling the challenges and triumphs of a remarkable group of men who were left to raise young children after their wives died, this book offers a novel perspective and inspiration to anyone facing life's inevitable hardships.

The authors co-led the support group and partnered with the men to write their story, which is interspersed with the latest in bereavement research conveyed in an easily relatable way. The fathers' touching efforts to care for themselves, their families, and each other offers a gripping narrative that shows how each of us has the potential to rebuild new and meaningful lives.

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