‘A Widow’s Journey’ by Bea Lewis

Book Cover: 'A Widow's Journey' by Bea Lewis

After 50 years of marriage, Bea Lewis entered a new and challenging chapter in her life – widowhood. In A Widow’s Journey – How I Went from Loss to Learning to Moving On, Bea shares her struggles from the painful loss of her beloved husband, Edwin, to her ultimate transformation as an independent, self-sufficient single senior. Through a series of insightful, honest and very personal essays, Bea expresses what she felt—and dealt with—as she progressed during the first few years of her widowhood.

Some of the essays include the rules of senior dating (a kiss on the first date is acceptable), how she learned to take out the garbage (yuk), the need to pay the bills (on time), cook for only herself (a couple of cookies, popcorn and milk), and the importance of making a dynamite brisket! Bea’s determination to stand on her own two feet is contagious, and can serve to assure widows everywhere that even the most intense feelings of grief can –and will – eventually ease. Life will never be the same, she says, but it still can be darn good.

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