Coming To Terms With Being A Widow

Learning To Live As A Single Woman

If your partner dies, this is not something you’re likely to come to terms with quickly.  Confronting grief when you lose a partner is a unique experience, and no one can tell you how to deal with it.  Learning to live as a widow will take courage and practice.  In time you will be getting on with your life, not as a widow but as a single woman. The grief will not have gone away, but you will be learning how to live with it.

If you’re left with children or a demanding job, it’s possible you’ll find your feet rather more quickly. If you’re home alone and not busy, the reality of your loss could be more difficult. Children and/or a demanding job can be a significant driving force. Commitment and wellbeing for others will help to move you on.

Kick-Start Each Day With A Positive Outlook

This is not an excuse to ignore your needs, physically or mentally. But it does mean that each morning you kick-start the day with a ‘raison d’etre’.

The more your thoughts are occupied, the better it can be for you. Having essential commitments you cannot ignore will occupy the space otherwise filled with thoughts of your late partner.

In time, you will hopefully have settled into a routine and feel you’re on top of things. Inevitably, some days will be more challenging than others. By keeping busy, your recovery, such as it is, will surely come.

It might be that you  have retired from your job. Your children, if you have any, have flown the nest. This, then, is an opportunity to explore something new. Anything physical if you have the good fortune to be reasonably fit will be beneficial in many ways. A sport of some kind, or dance, could help restore your spirits.

When The Time Is Right You May Want To Start Dating Again

At some point in the future, thoughts of meeting someone new, may be calling you. For some it will take longer than others. This is nothing to feel guilty about. When you think the time is right, explore the options available to you. You may now be comfortable talking to friends or family about your plans and this could be helpful.

There are numerous classes, sports clubs and meet-up groups you can investigate. Perhaps someone you know will have a single friend who could be an interesting proposition for you. Online dating is another way of meeting others. Exploring the various ways to meet other singles will help you to make up your mind about dating again.

If and when you feel ready, don’t leave it too long before you look for that certain someone.

If you feel unsure about whether you should be taking these steps, it might be because it’s too soon for you. While you may be yearning for a stable relationship again, it’s not a good idea to rush into anything. If you’re potential partner is also widowed, you may both be a little hesitant about how to proceed.

Take time getting to know each other and find some new interests, which attract both of you. This will give you both a mutual starting post for something new and exciting.

Dating should be fun and getting to know someone in the early stages can be exciting, and the outcome, a revelation!

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