Dating During Lockdown: How to Make It Work for You

Young widow at laptop, with a glass of wine in her hand

Dating from the comfort of your own home

Connecting with other singles following the loss of a partner is a huge step and under the current circumstances, the prospect of dating again will seem all the more challenging. Despite the gradual relaxation of restrictions, the social distancing measures remain in place, for the time being at least.

During this period of uncertainty, you may feel it would be better to focus on yourself or your family. This could however, be the perfect opportunity to connect with others online who find themselves in a similar situation to you.

Missing interactions with people on a day-to-day basis and having limited opportunity in terms of what we can do and where we can go can be very frustrating. It is not surprising, then, that we are turning to technology to help us through this difficult time.

Online dating to the rescue

Joining a dating site could be the answer. Sharing a conversation with other widowed singles, you will soon strike a chord with someone who could be looking for somebody just like you. If there seems to be mutual chemistry, you can explore the possibility of taking things a step further.

Whilst getting up close and personal is off the cards at present, there’s nothing to stop you from finding other ways of getting to know each other a little better. 

Having built a rapport exchanging messages, you might feel ready to share a phone or video call. If this goes well, you can make plans to arrange another virtual date, where you have a drink together or maybe even a meal.

Virtual dates

Both of you preparing the same dish could have an interesting outcome. How much you laugh or perhaps criticise each other, will provide an interesting insight into one another’s personality.

There is also the potential to share the experience of a virtual art exhibition, online card game or TV series. You will soon find there are many ways you can connect with each other, without actually leaving the house.

As time goes by…

When you are both feeling ready, a socially distanced walk in the park, or other open space, will be a good way to meet one another in person. This at least gives you the opportunity to form a clearer picture of each other and whether or not there is a mutual attraction.

If you are feeling shy or awkward, being in a public place should be a reassuring factor, as there will be no expectations for either of you to be physical in any way. If all goes well you could make plans for your next virtual or socially distanced date, which will give both of you something promising to look forward to.


Don’t be put off by the limitations brought about by the current circumstances. You will find that these can in fact work to your advantage, as it gives you the opportunity to take your time getting to know someone new. When life is free of the current restrictions, you can look back knowing you have benefitted from being more creative with your time and the alternative ways of meeting and connecting with others.

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