Coping with the Bereavement of a Husband or Wife

Coping with the bereavement of a husband or wife is an experience many have to go through at some point in their life. Whether the death was expected or unforeseen, the experience can lead to feelings of numbness, shock and a sense of uncertainty about the future. The initial stages of grief will naturally change the usual pattern and flow of a person’s life, while they come to terms with the change and adapt to their new set of circumstances.

Having close family and friends nearby during the initial period can help while the bereaved mourn and come to terms with their new life state. In time they will need to make their own adjustments and gradually become used to living life without their partner.

Taking this period slowly is crucial, ensuring that no important decisions are made too quickly. Being part of a grief support group can be helpful, as is maintaining a healthy diet and daily routine.

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