A Widow or Widower’s Guide to Finding Happiness This Fall

Making the most of the fall

With summer having drawn to a close and the prospect of winter on the horizon, it’s easy to find yourself hitting a low spot. However, in between summer and winter comes autumn; a time to enjoy the seasonal colour and a gradual transition into our boots and winter sweaters.

Autumn can bring with it feelings of nostalgia, especially if we have been in any way touched by the Coronavirus. So many of us will have experienced illness and loss and are left with the fear that we or our loved ones could be further affected in the future. Now is the time, then, to make the most of every minute and every opportunity when and wherever we can.

The fall can still bring sunshine and warm days and it’s hard to imagine the chilly evenings and cold nights, which could soon be upon us. Use this time to prepare for the harsh winter elements and look forward to enjoying the next few weeks while there is still much on offer.

Autumn is a time to appreciate the bounty of the most fruitful time of the year, with a veritable feast of good things to eat and a dazzling display of nature at its’ very best. With the new season ahead, there is much to enjoy and look forward to. Halloween and Thanksgiving are there to be celebrated!

New friends and new possibilities

If you’re lonely and missing the companionship of your late partner and would like to start dating again, this could be a good time to ask yourself how you feel about someone new in your life. If you think that dating again would be preferable to winter nights home alone, consider your options and decide what steps you can take to find that certain someone.

You may have a friend who is also widowed and with whom you have only ever shared a platonic friendship. Maybe they would be pleased if you invited them to share a meal. By introducing some carefully planned social distancing, it could bring some light relief for both of you.

You could perhaps even arrange a Thanksgiving dinner together. Planning supper could be part of the event with each of you choosing your favourite foods. There is nothing quite like sweet potato casserole, or roast turkey followed by pumpkin pie and sharing this feast with someone new could be a good way to get to know each other a little better.

Meeting other widowed singles online

Another possibility is online dating. Here you have the opportunity to search for those who have also lost their partner. Meeting other singles this way, gives you the opportunity to chat to each other and build a friendship before taking things further.

If things go well, perhaps you could go for a socially distanced walk or cycle ride. The transient changes to the foliage and catching the scent of pine nuts and vine fruits, are all elements that contribute to the joys of this wonderful season. The autumnal sound of a forest is nature’s own orchestra and the best place to spend an afternoon, especially if you’re in good company.

If making new friends seems an elusive concept, especially if you have enjoyed many happy years with your late partner, don’t give up.  Holding on to the idea that you would like to meet someone new, the greater the chance it will happen. Self-belief and keeping an open mind are very important!


If you’re comfortable being single, this is also fine. Lasting memories of a happy relationship with your partner are a valuable commodity and for some, all that is needed to keep you content.

However you’re feeling, make the most of the fall and treasure all this rich and colourful season has to offer.

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