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Widows & Widowers Looking for Companionship

Those feelings of loneliness and feelings of isolation when you’re life partner has passed away can be an extremely alienating experience. When you want to share magic moments or anxious thoughts, but have lost your soul mate, it can be difficult to come to terms with what seems to be a solitary path for the future.

Shyness can play a big part in this or feelings of being unworthy. Assuming everyone else’s life is more interesting and substantial than your own, however, is a mistake. Ask any other widow or widower and they will very likely relate to these sentiments – especially in the early stages of widowhood. Sadly those who have been recently bereaved can feel that others might not want to be involved for fear of being ‘brought down’. At this time, the need for companionship can be huge and initially a listening ear and a hug can help more than anything.

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Meet Other Widows or Widowers Near You

For those who have experienced a warm and loving relationship, it may well be that you haven’t always shared your feelings with others, because you had a partner to listen and care. This sentiment alone should prompt you to consider finding companionship outside of your home. If your late partner listened and cared then surely others will want to do so, as well.

Seeking out other widows and widowers is a good starting point and at we endeavour to put you in touch with others in your area also seeking companionship. Completing our registration form is straightforward. It takes only a few brief steps to put you on your way to finding companionship with other widows and widowers in the US also keen to make friends following bereavement.

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