Widows & Widowers Dating Each Other


Widows Dating, Widowers Dating

Recently, we were pleased to be interviewed by DatingAdvice.com where we talked about our principles and beliefs regarding online dating. Specifically, we were able to share our experiences and insights of bringing widows and widowers together.

With this in mind, here are some thoughts about widows and widowers dating each other and what to expect from the experience.

Ditching The Widow’s Weeds

Once upon a time, if you were widowed it was assumed you would stay widowed. Your black dresses – or widows weeds, as they were known, were your distinguishing feature. Dressing up to encourage allure and admiration from the opposite sex was an unimagined practice.

Good news then, that today widow dating is as commonplace as any other dating experience! Along with divorcees and other singles, it’s fine to make the first move when you meet someone who takes your fancy.

Widows & Widowers Feel More Comfortable Dating Each Other

Widows and widowers choosing to date each other has brought about an increase in the use of niche dating sites. Time and again we hear that widows and widowers feel more comfortable with those who have also lost a partner. Sharing a common background precludes the need to offer any specific reason as to why you are single. It can also provide a shared understanding of being sensitive about each other’s loss.

Widow dating can also bring about a welcome relief. Getting to know someone who has also experienced the loss of a partner will make those first few dates easier. Sharing stories is an important part of forming new friendships. Opening up about missing the closeness of a partner will surely resonate sympathetically with your date.

Knowing When To Move On

Making new friends and knowing when to move on will vary significantly from person to person. Moving on too soon can cause more emotional upset if someone you meet, chooses not to take things further. It’s important to understand that everyone has their own criteria about who and what they are looking for in their next relationship. If as a widow or widower you have decided to start dating again, you do not want to be hurt in the process for the wrong reasons.

That being said, having a reassuring arm on your back when crossing the road or a hand to hold in the cinema is a small action that can bring huge comfort. Being part of a couple again can ignite wonderful feelings of ‘belonging’ for widows and widowers. Even if not long lived, it will make you more determined to find that special person to share your life with again.

Friendship & Romance Will Eventually Follow

Not all relationships will bring romance and lasting friendship, but establishing contact with other widows and widowers will help you to recognize that you’re not alone. Young or old, it is always good to have friends of the opposite sex, even if it’s just for platonic friendship.

Widow dating may sound like a scary prospect for some. With patience and determination, however, you will eventually find who you are looking for.

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